Pèlerins de langue anglaise

« Dear Pilgrim, you are welcome to stay in this house to take a rest.

Here it is possible to sleep, to take a shower and to have a meal for free. »

The following rooms are available for you:

– Kitchen / bedroom

– Bathroom / toilets

Depending on the number of guests, other rooms are available.

Please ask Mr Hubert LESEUR,

15 Grande Rue (farm/house across the street), Tel: (+33) (0)6 87 12 77 38

or ask Mrs Bernadette DELALOY,

8 rue du Pâtis, in Ambonville, Tel: (+33) (0)3 25 02 43 44.

– A place to pray may also be available on request.

Some practical details:

– Food and cooking equipment are available for you.

– Bed linen is provided, as well as towels. After use, please put everything in the plastic bin in the bathroom.

– For the running of the stove (gas cooker), please open and close the gas cylinder located in the cupboard nearby.

– The hot water system also works with gas. It takes then a little time before the arrival of hot water. If you run out of hot water it means that the gas bottle is empty.

Please contact Mr Hubert LESEUR to replace it.

If you wish to give a donation, you can leave it in the mailbox located at the corner of the house next door (n°20).

Please feel free to leave a message in the pilgrim book.

You can also stamp your pilgrim booklet.

Thank you for leaving this place as clean as possible for the next pilgrims ! Brooms and mops are available for cleaning…

The owner of this house is the Father Pascal LESEUR, a Catholic priest.

E-mail: p.leseur52@gmail.com

Cell. phone: (+33) (0)6 81 49 09 85

Address : 20 Grande Rue – 52110 Ambonville – France

This house is private property and its running does not receive any public grant nor subsidies.

« God bless you and be with you along your journey !”